Saturday, May 24, 2014

Glass? Enemy or Buddy in Health Care?

The largest internet company in the world has introduced "Glass".  Medical uses are promising.  Social uses are very worrying.  Sweet and sour.  We all know that our very existence is recorded everyday on cameras.  George Orwell was correct.  The issue is now omnipresent.  What to do with this information.  This is a national debate.  Health care is a big issue now.  We have a growing geriatric population, and returning vets who have questionable health care from the VA.  America is still the greatest place on earth to live.  However, we do not like people looking into our private lives, medical issues, or anything else.  Seems like that is big business for our current administration.  Current medical applications are promising.  I like what I see in the medical setting, as long as privacy concerns are met.  Medical professionalizes should be mindful if HIPPA, and respect a patients privacy, even with the use of devices that can send and receive images, data and other information.  Our internet is NOT secure.
The use of a device like glass is something I am uncomfortable with.  I will shun a person with the device, unless I know them.  Since I do not go to bars, or engage in any activities that are questionable, I feel that these issues will be rare.  20 cents on this one.  GG  Here is a link for you to peruse.

LEBANON, Ore.  – Waiting for a medical diagnosis could be a thing of the past.
It’s thanks to Dr. Brion Benninger of Western University of Health Sciences and Samaritan Health Services.
He’s the first in the world to use Google Glass and the Sonivate SonicEye finger probe to conduct research and teach medical students.
Paired together, Dr. Benninger can view a real-time ultrasound image in his Google Glass.
The probe slides onto your index finger, allowing you to put your hand on the patient for a physical exam.
“One of the problem with a classic probe, you have to then turn, look at the screen, hit a button and make sure it’s still the image you want.”
With the probe, there is less of a chance for error, but more importantly the doctor can maintain a patient-doctor relationship.
“When you poll patients and ask them what’s on of the most important things that you require from your physician, your doctor, your healthcare provider when you go in to the clinic, virtually all of them will say, I want them to put a hand on me and examine me.”
Dr. Benninger says it’s the human touch that patients want.
That touch can also allow the physician to better examine the patient.

Thanks KVAL. COM

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Deviled Eggs (OP ED)

OK, you asked for it.  I stated on my FB page I would discuss a recipe for deviled eggs.  This is not an ultrasound post.
There are many people I know who make these delicious one handed morsels that we tend to hover over at holidays.  I may mention a few:  Susan: her recipe is mayo and egg yolks beaten to a pulp and put into the hardened egg whites and delivered on a disposable pan at the office.  TJ who has no idea what a deviled egg is, but he make great BBQ.  Jence, MS, and a few others who buy stuff from the HEB and are kind enough to put it on one of three tables at the office.
So here is my Deviled Egg recipe with variations.

Boil some eggs in a big pot till they are done.  About 14 minutes for a dozen eggs.  Let them sit for half an hour.  Keep them away from hungry cats.

Clear the kitchen counter.  Wash your hands.  Peal those eggs gently and separate the yolks from the firm white using a sharp small knife that allows you to divide the eggs in half.  place the half whites on a plate out of reach of the cats and toss the yolk's in a bowel.

Now the artist in you blossoms.

Lets start with a binder.  Most people use MAYO.  Hellman s or miracle whip.  You can use canola oil, or some soya milk (Yecccch).

Let's get down to the good stuff.

Beat the heck out of the egg yolks with a Maytag.  (Whisk) then add your binder.  Be gentle now.  add some cream, (YES CREAM).  just a little.  a bit of sel (Salt) and some pepper.

Here we have fun:  ADD................

minced leftover steak
Cavenders spice
soy sauce
left-over Doritos
clams (Cooked)
hag fish (Cooked and de- slimed)
lime and hot peppers (Stock up the bathrooms with TP!)
fruit loops
the conversations of the senate and house.  (lightly)
some love

Fill the egg whites with the stuffing, decorate, chill, and set the platter out for people to graze.  I guarantee the platter will be empty soon!

Serve and provide multiple napkins.  Enjoy!  Thanks for you tolerance.