Monday, January 1, 2018

Let's get back to Sonography. 2018

We all need some stuff besides what is in our stockings on Christmas.  I have been on the plane in Oregon, and I will say travel is insane.  My first ever Christmas and New Years away from my family has been HELL.

So let's get back to ultrasound.

What do we have in 2018?

Not Much.

The GE products do not perform well, nor does the Toshiba systems.  And the Siemens are systems are afterthoughts.  As usual, the BIG DEAL at Chicago #1 McCormick Place was the usual BS.  All it was in Chicago was CT, and MRI.  And Taxis.  BTW, mass transit does very well in Chicago.  And NO I was not there.  I read the reviews.  I am in the Pacific North West.  TJW.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Travel Is Great

I saw on the TV set that Rosie is back in play.  She looks good for being overweight in a previous life.  John looks good also. 

There is some great news on the diabetic research.  Some person will win the Nobel Prize if it works.  A skin patch made from brown sea algae that can be programmed to release insulin when needed.  We need this.  Here is a link.  Happy New Year all!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Bandon Oregon

Last Blog post of this year.  I am in the Pacific NW.  Wonderful, cold, rainy.  Oregon is full of great people, and different, but great food.  The picture is from 8 years ago from another trip to Montana.

It is winter here now, and I am working as a traveler at a small hospital with great imaging equipment, and great people.  I am on week three.  I am still trying to find a good Mexican food place.  I love my hot sauce.

I have admitted three patients in 2 weeks.  One who had tachycardia, another with an active stroke as an outpatient, and one lady who was going to lunch on Christmas Day at a diner I walked to for lunch.  She fell on her face.  OUCH.  I called 911, and she was taken care of.  I saw a liver transplant patient today and she is doing well after 8 years post transplant.  I have much more to post.  Happy New Year!  More to come.  TJW

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Traveler Part 2

Merry Christmas.

I am in Bandon, Oregon.  I am enjoying a Sonography travelling job here.  This is part of my waning years as a Sonographer.  My wife and son are looking around for places to practice medical arts in our waning years.  We all do not last forever.  I would like to say I will practice until I die.  I think I will.  There is no solace in retirement.  There is no such word in my lexicon now.  I have been asked by a fellow Sonographer for Christmas Dinner.  I accepted.  I will break Christian bread with them.  I am honored.  More to come.  Merry Christmas.  TJW

Friday, December 22, 2017


I am on the road again.  I am in Bandon, Oregon doing a locums tour.  I am here over the holidays, and my family is back in Texas.  I have chosen to get back on the plane because I miss travel.  I am now going to be Seasoned Citizen in a month or so.  I will work till I drop.  I am at a small hospital with kind co-workers, and interesting patients.  I will post more over the holidays.  The place I work has brand new GE medical imaging equipment, and I am very pleased.  My heart is heavy because I have had to leave my family in Texas while I am a thousand miles away.  Medical things have changed, and as I age it is hard to find a stable employer willing to treat you well.  I think I have found one, but I must travel.  So be it. Medical benefits are hard to come by.  I need to protect my family and myself.

Merry Christmas all.


Sunday, October 29, 2017

SDMS conference 2017


I took my wife of 20 years to this great meeting thinking she would be bored.  She met family while I was in meetings, and managed to survive.  We were amazed by the conference facilities, and generous kindness of staff and attendees.
I failed to see many of the "Elder" attendees and buddies I used to pal around with at previous conventions.  Many of the speakers were wonderful, though not all were on topic.  I would venture to say many "Powerpoint " presentations were done in the airport lounge.

My wife and I sure had a great time having dinner at Wolf Gang's in the tower. All in all, the meeting was great, and I learned much, and had no time to read a kindle book, or doze in the meetings.

Great Conference!

I would have hoped to see many others of the "Old Folk'"  but I made some new buddies.  We must remember the future is with our young Sonographers.

Be safe, more to come.