Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ultrasound On A Chip?

WHAT?  and how do you propose to have the images interpreted?  What Idiot would fund something like this?  Most people in medical imaging would call radiologists  very professional in looking into the human body.  They get paid to interpret images. Most of them know what they are doing.  Not all.  (giggles).  Go to any medical imaging website and know that medical imaging is a profession.
Here I will give you a partial list:  ASRT, AIUM,SDMS ARDMS just copy and paste in your browser.  People who support this person are just stupid, or have more money than I do. 

Here is a snip.  Thanks Technology Review

A scanner the size of an iPhone that you could hold up to a person’s chest and see a vivid, moving, 3-D image of what’s inside is being developed by entrepreneur Jonathan Rothberg.
Rothberg says he has raised $100 million to create a medical imaging device that’s nearly “as cheap as a stethoscope” and will “make doctors 100 times as effective.” The technology, which according to patent documents relies on a new kind of ultrasound chip, could eventually lead to new ways to destroy cancer cells with heat, or deliver information to brain cells.
Rothberg has a knack for marrying semiconductor technology to problems in biology. He started and sold two DNA-sequencing companies, 454 and Ion Torrent Systems (see “The $2 Million Genome” and “A Semiconductor DNA Sequencer”), for more than $500 million. The profits have allowed Rothberg, who showed up for an interview wearing worn chinos and a tattered sailor’s belt, to ply the ocean on a 130-foot yacht named Gene Machine and to indulge high-concept hobbies like sequencing the DNA of mathematical geniuses.

Gosh with geeks like these, we may not have use of a toilet in the future.

Gizz, with Blessings.

Obama Care Scares Diagnostic Medical Procedures

The image is from Doctor Wolfgang Morodor.

Obama care is hurting health care providers and patients.  We people in health care a trying to do our best with less resources.  I work in a small hospital now that I have retired from teaching, and our department cannot ask the ADMINS for money.  We have no money for upgrades for our imaging equipment.  How can we keep a Toshiba CT  chugging 24 hours a day without a service contract?  How can I keep my GE ultrasound machine going without some help?

Our imaging department is going to grind to dust if we cannot maintain a revenue stream.  Medical imaging is the back bone of any hospital.

Obama care is destroying health care for many reasons:  Number one is confusion.

Most Americans do NOT understand health care insurance.  It is too complex.  I agree.  co-pays etc, and Tier One Versus Tier Two.  They  sound like a Bill Cosby interview about rape.  Goorrroppsteryyerdrop.

Number two:  Health care is Expensive:

When you come to the ED, expect a hefty price.  Regardless of what your ailment is. Remember the first thing you do when you arrive in the ED with a sniffle is fork out your credit card.  Really sick people are just taken in and treated.  But the bill can cause a patients family horrible financial strife.

Number Three:  the Doctor treating you may not be a good doctor.

This is true in many settings.  There is no real good rating system for doctors. Many are slime molds festering under a gurney out to make a buck.  At your expense.  Many are great physicians willing to put a finger in your left ventricle where the bullet went, to keep you alive until the heart surgeon shows up.  ED Doctors are hard to judge, unless you work with them.  Some are morons who call CPS if you deny an expensive procedure, or drug for your child that is not necessary.   I work with one of those.  She is a terror.

Number four:  Medical imaging is expensive

Indeed.  Most hospitals rely on medical imaging to survive.  Ask the doctor why you need a CAT scan, when you fell down after you tripped on a rock.  Ask the doctor why you need an ultrasound when your gall bladder was removed 30 years ago.

Bless you all,  Here is a link for more information on how we all can better take care of our selves.

Health care reform and the shift from the fee-for-service to a value-based payment model will have a negative impact on the diagnostic imaging market in the U.S., according to a new report conducted by Decision Resources Group. Even though the elderly population is increasing and creating a greater need for diagnostic procedures, the market will only grow "modestly" through 2023.

The new payment model is transforming the radiology department from a profit center to a cost center for health care facilities, according to the report. Facilities will be taking a lot more consideration into what imaging procedures are appropriate, which means there will be a reduction in the number they perform.

Thanks Dot Med