Sunday, March 12, 2017

Focused Ultrasound Treatments are Effective Against Certain Cancers

Update: Liver Cancer Treated With Focused Ultrasound Treatments are becoming more main-stream.

I have been watching the evolution of ultrasound treatment for many diseases.  Ultrasound was first used as a diagnostic tool in the early 1900's, but has rapidly evolved into a multi-disciplinary medical tool in the last 50 years or so.  I try to stay on top of these wonderful discoveries in medical circles, but it is staggering.  Thanks so much for hanging with me while I cull through the many articles, and bring you the most succinct, and important news I can find so you may do your own research.

here is a link to some new information.;postID=2393307912897160582


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Friday, March 3, 2017

Another great Blogger has died  
Another internet great has passed.  He will be missed.  I appreciate his support, he was one of the first to link the Sonographers Blog to his website which he started back in 2000.  His name was Gerard Vlemming, and lived in the Netherlands.  He suffered a brief illness, I hope, and passed last week.  this information has been passed from another great blogger, MissCellina, who has had a loss recently also.  Three weeks ago we lost Kevin from the wonderful blog " nothing to do about Arbroth"   We all mourn their passing, and hope others will try to carry the flag of interesting, relevant, and fantastic blogging.  I am a conservative blogger, and will carry on with some of the posts i see in many of my buddy blogs who tend to  hate conservatives.  You know who you are.  But for now let us mourn the great minds who are now in the arms of the Lord.  TJW

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Politics and Medical Ultrasound

As with everything in life, there are politics.  In Texas where i reside, there is an ongoing debate regarding right to life versus abortion.  Make no mistake, I am pro life.  There are laws in a few states that mandate that a pregnant woman must have an ultrasound, and be shown the living fetus on the video screen in real time, before she can have an abortion.  This topic is as vitriolic as the liberal democrats opposition to the Trump presidency.

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Blessings to Kevin  and Gerard

Kevin passed 2 weeks ago and Gerard is awaiting test results for a medical issue.

Here is a link that discusses in detail some of the issues faced by the public, and health care professionals that deal with medical ultrasound and pregnancy.

One of the first measures that Republicans in the 115th Congress proposed was the “Heartbeat Protection Act.” On January 11, a group led by Steve King of Iowa introduced a bill that would require doctors nationwide to “check for a fetal heartbeat” before performing an abortion, and prohibit them from completing the procedure if they found one. In December, Republicans in the Ohio state legislature put forth a similar measure. Governor John Kasich vetoed it, observing that such a law would almost certainly be struck down as unconstitutional, but approved a 20-week abortion ban.

here is the link

Sunday, January 29, 2017


No picture made it difficult to post on this forum.  I am alive, and my wife and child celebrate our birthdays on this sunny day.  my Son is 18  I am 60.  I am still seeing patients.  I care for the sick people.  I work in a hospital now.  I have a tablet computer, but i find it had to post messages.  God blw\ess

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Off Topic, Advertising

The internet is bold, old, and dripping with sarcasm, and every other human emotion.One thing I hate is advertising.  It is everywhere you look, or hear.  I am off topic but, I can stand it no longer.  Here is my list of hated ads.  Not in order, but with equal vitriol.

1  Learn More (yeah like we are really interested)
2  Save (spend)
3  Just (like.....really?)
4  Only 19.95  (Bullshit  Try 25.36)
5  Hurry!  (why?)
6  New  (aren't they all new?)
To be continued  TJW