Sunday, October 29, 2017

SDMS conference 2017


I took my wife of 20 years to this great meeting thinking she would be bored.  She met family while I was in meetings, and managed to survive.  We were amazed by the conference facilities, and generous kindness of staff and attendees.
I failed to see many of the "Elder" attendees and buddies I used to pal around with at previous conventions.  Many of the speakers were wonderful, though not all were on topic.  I would venture to say many "Powerpoint " presentations were done in the airport lounge.

My wife and I sure had a great time having dinner at Wolf Gang's in the tower. All in all, the meeting was great, and I learned much, and had no time to read a kindle book, or doze in the meetings.

Great Conference!

I would have hoped to see many others of the "Old Folk'"  but I made some new buddies.  We must remember the future is with our young Sonographers.

Be safe, more to come.


Friday, September 1, 2017

Sonography a First Defense in Infectious Disease After Hurricane Harvey

Nice to be home after over 80 hours living, and breathing taking care of the sick in one of the only hospitals open to accepting people from many counties, and cities.  God Bless the staff at  El Campo Memorial Hospital.  Yes, send donations there.  We brought in a brigade of selfless medical Pro, fed, them, and did not gripe.  Not one word.

I attended to the needy, and not so needy.  I am happy to return home to my family who missed me.  I missed them.

On to the crux of the post.  Infections!

To all health care providers, please know that infectious disease is the bane of any cataclysm.

Sonography aided me this week in identifying possible abcesses three times  All three were taken care of with antibiotics, and I/D.  Use your skills to put the numbers together, and help the ED docs get them off to the next medical step.

Keep your probes Clean!  The worst thing from a storms aftermath is infections.  This includes insect, dog, or reptile bites.  I treated an Army National Guardsman for a gall bladder issue, but that is enough to take him off of front line rescue.

All mumps, and lumps should be treated as possible infections.  Be safe, and wash everything.

I saw two patients with infections caused by animal, or insect bites this week.

Be sure the water we drink is bottled.  Use only bottled water for oral wash, and do not bathe the chrildren in tap water regardless of how the water tastes.

Use bleach on everything, but No time spell check.
do not drink it.  Internet is fading, be well, and God Bless.

Folk's this is one of those time.

   Tom Whelan


Friday, August 25, 2017

Things Are Always Big In Texas

A couple notes:  I am sorry I have not posted in a while.  There have been some family issues including death of some friends and relatives.  I have been distracted, but my family is second after God.  The unusual political climate has tempered my usual verve to post articles of a scientific nature.  And, lastly, our great state of Texas is under the trebuchets of nature.  Harvey (pictured on Friday morning), is growing bigger than the hulk when he is pissed off.

I have signed up to attend the SDMS convention in Dallas October 13/15.  I hope to see many old Sonographers, and meet new people over that weekend.  I expect to have some ultrasound news to share with you then.

The end of the earth is not going to happen anytime soon, but I would like to lighten the load with the with an excerpt and link to a very good writer who views things from a unique perspective.

Back in 2002 or 2003, I worked with a guy who was convinced that 9-11 was an event planned by the CIA to declare martial law and take our guns from us. The “take our guns from us” thing took a life of its own during the Obama years even though there were no guns taken from anyone. That didn’t matter to those who feed on Conspiracy Theories. All that really matters is there be a theory made from whole cloth and for that theory to address some deep and dark fear. The more baseless these fears are the deeper they seem to be. Like people being afraid of snakes.
Seriously, this guy poured a six-inch slab for a doomsday bunker, stocked it with about fifty thousand bucks worth of guns and ammo, and inside that bunker is enough room for he and his family to stand around and stare at the guns. He’s been gone for a while, went off to another part of the world to work, but today he came back.

courtesy of

May everyone in the path of Harvey be safe.  Use your head, and beware of reptiles in the event of flooding.  And watch for fire ant balls.  (look that one up)  TJW

Friday, June 30, 2017

Ultrasound and MRI are dating.

We do not see the train on the track.

Here is new stuff that may save lives.  Sonographers Blog lives.  Note that Ultrasound had a hand in this wonderful
Source, below,
and Thank you.  TJW

Nanoparticle based contrast agent developed for dual modal imaging of cancer

June 20, 2017
World Scientific
Dual modal imaging which shares the advantages of two imaging modalities such as magnetic resonance imaging and optical imaging, has the ability to produce images with higher spatial resolution and higher sensitivity. Contrast agents having both magnetic and optical properties identifies the cancer cells efficiently. Europium doped gadolinium oxide nanorods were synthesized and subsequently coated with silica to improve the biocompatibility.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

PTSD, New Treatment

Good day, all, I saw an article yesterday about using an anesthesia block on a nerve that controls something to do with the horror of trauma.  I am posting from a Windows device.  It is slow and sloppy.  This nerve block in the neck has some promise of neutralizing some nervous systems want to kill another person.  I am not sure.  If effective, it may promise some new hope for our troops with PTSD.  My Windows tablet will not allow me to post the link.  Go to Drudge, and find the link.  Look in his archives.  I am busy with other things.  I will be back.  TJW  PS, this is for you, John.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Old Ultrasound is back again

New Doppler sound database could help those suffering from heart conditions

February 15, 2017
University of Huddersfield
Handheld devices can scan the lower limbs of a patient and 'listen' to the blood flow, providing vital early indication of problems that could lead to strokes or heart attacks.  But inexperience or lack of training sometimes mean that clinicians do not properly interpret what they hear and therefore miss the warning signs. Now a new research project aims to build a digital library of the different foot and leg artery sounds recorded during the Doppler ultrasound procedure.

Note:  We have been using the ABI index for over 50+ years.  Happy Easter!