Sunday, August 28, 2016

Off Topic, Advertising

The internet is bold, old, and dripping with sarcasm, and every other human emotion.One thing I hate is advertising.  It is everywhere you look, or hear.  I am off topic but, I can stand it no longer.  Here is my list of hated ads.  Not in order, but with equal vitriol.

1  Learn More (yeah like we are really interested)
2  Save (spend)
3  Just (like.....really?)
4  Only 19.95  (Bullshit  Try 25.36)
5  Hurry!  (why?)
6  New  (aren't they all new?)
To be continued  TJW

New Small Town

I have not been online for many reasons, the first is that my wife has been ill.  She is recovering.  She had DVT and a PE.  I have changed jobs from one small hospital to another wonderful place in south Texas.  I am warming to the small community slowly as I am only part time for now.  They make great food, and make friends slowly because of the small knit community.  I have a Toshiba machine that I use to take care of my patients.  It is great with the upgrades.  (Xario)  My bitch with this machine is that it is bulky and very hard to take portable.  I prefer to go portable for in house patients, or ER patients.  I am getting cranky in my back as I approach 60 years of age.

Thank you all for following my posts  I will continue