Sunday, January 31, 2016

I Hate Hospitals

Hospitals are like fast food restaurants.  They offer nothing but BS to a patient who is in pain, or worse.  I have to reveal that most hospitals rely on the people they employ. doctors,nurses, X-Ray Techs, and even sonographers.   We all function as a unit.  If critical care breaks down, the patient suffers.  Many small hospitals charge them discharge them.  For CT, X-RAY LAB, and over paid doctors who sleep most of the time in the ED.  Our senior Administration in Congress and the White House are WRONG!  LETS VOTE FOR TRUMP!


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Routine Ultrasound Testing For Pregnant Women Is Not Good

I have always advocated that prenatal ultrasound has some unintended risks, but people still want to see the fetus in the uterus. I hate doing OB ultrasound because the ultimate question is: What is the sex of the fetus?  But the doctors still order them, to keep the family happy. 

Here is a link for you all to chew on.

(NaturalNews) It is common for a pregnant woman to undergo several routine ultrasounds during her 40-week pregnancy. What many don't know, and despite what popular medical and government websites state, ultrasound scans have never been proven safe for pregnant women or babies and aren't recommended for routine use and non-high risk pregnancies.


I have had some issues with our family of late.  My wife and I are getting more mature, and I have posted her battle with a PE and the persistent issues of growing older. I had a birthday yesterday.  So did my son.  We were both brought into this world on the same day.  My wonderful wife will take us out today for a Mongolian BBQ lunch.
Fear Not!  I will continue this BLOG until I die.  Like David Bowie!

Now, on to issues of business.  Here is a nice one for you.

Former school teacher Moira Rogers was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. It quickly spread to her bones, causing unbearable pain in her arm.
"I was so frightened and my life just seemed to be sort of shortened," she said. "When you're feeling the pain, you know you have cancer, and you think about cancer, and there's just this big C-word envelops your life."
She found new hope from an innovative treatment being developed at London's Royal Marsden Hospital.

Here we find yet another wonderful use of sound.  Let me post the resource:

Thank You CBS  TJW. 

Welcome Back my friends to the show that never ends, (Emerson Lake and Palmer) 1973