Monday, October 14, 2013

Mindray Ultrasound Review

I had a very positive experience with a per-diem apps specialist from San Jose CA today.  His name is Joseph.  I will not give out a last name because his job is as a per-diem associate.  This laptop ultrasound machine was heavy.  But it busted me in all areas of ultrasound.  I was impressed. The promised DICOM transfers to the secure net are still being worked on.  I think we can get this sytem and others like it going in a few weeks.  We will work with Mindray to produce great quality ultrasound exams soon.  I seldom endorse a company.  I guess I just did.  The company is from China but has a base in Bothell, WA home to ATL, one of the early leaders in ultrasound tech in the 70's and 80's.

Pros: great configuration, and standard factory installs went smooth.  Echo presets made me sing.  Great color, and a darn sharp screen.  Color was great.. 300 gigs of storage, but no simultaneous storage to WI/Fi or thumb drives.  We mobile people need that. Calcs are actually understandable! The package has a 3-D 4-D package.  We did not purchase that. They must have had a Sonographer on the development team!  This is one of the best machines I have seen on the market in years.

Cons: No on-board tissue Doppler.  Perhaps this is because it was not purchased.  No real help with DICOM or internet security.  We all need that.  I will see if we can do wireless secure transfer soon.  Message to Mindray: be prepared to deal with upload issues and times.  We sonographers hate reading books while the files upload, but we HATE having to populate the echo preliminaries with M-Mode measurements and AVA area and LA volumes by hand!  Most cardiologists are lazy (Very lazy) and refuse to type in the measurements.  We need this issue to be resolved.

Bless you Joe, and have a nice trip back to CA.  and TYVM.

Thanks, TJW
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