Monday, October 7, 2013

Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Useful In Treating Children

I like this article!  It seems that contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) is a better way of monitoring treatments in children, than CT or, perhaps MRI.  CT and MRI are costly, and CT uses X-rays that are not very good for a child.  I will applaud the efforts of the authors and say keep up the good work!.

Thanks ICUS and Bless you!

The Food and Drug Administration, physician groups and providers are concerned about increasing use of diagnostic imaging tools that expose patients to ionizing radiation, especially when alternative, radiation-free imaging options are available. Radiation exposure may increase a patient's risk of cancer and the effects are cumulative over a patient's lifetime.
This is the first pediatric study of CEUS using a sizeable number of patients. Thirty-four pediatric cancer patients received a total of 134 ultrasound contrast agent injections without any serious adverse effects. The initial phase of the study is now complete and a new clinical trial will be starting shortly at St. Jude's.
"Children, with their smaller body parts, make ideal candidates for CEUS," according to Dr. Kassa Darge, Pediatric Director of ICUS and a professor of radiology at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. "Moreover, the absence of radiation makes it particularly safe, no sedation is required, it is well tolerated and it has the potential for lots of applications in pediatric oncology in the diagnosis and follow-up of solid tumors."
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