Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sliding Lung Sign Better Than a Chest X-Ray!

I have preached it !  Now it is in Cement and Granite!  The sliding Lung Sign is now Standard of Care!  Forget the rattled x-ray tech being called to the ED or ICU for a STAT portable chest X-Ray.  Let's use the ultrasound machine to look at the lungs.  The image to the left is the sea-shore sign.  When you do not see undulations in the bottom portion of the image, there is a problem.  This is an M-Mode image.  I will post the article.


Ultrasonography is being increasingly utilized in acute care settings with expanding applications. Pneumothorax evaluation by ultrasonography is a fast, safe, easy and inexpensive alternative to chest radiographs. In this review, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the current literature comparing ultrasonography and chest radiography for the diagnosis of pneumothorax.

Many Thanks Sonoworld and the Writer

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