Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Canada To Charge For Gender Identification

Some hospitals in Canada will soon charge pregnant patients to identify the sex of the fetus.  A fee of 50 Canadian dollars will be charged if the sex of the baby can be determined.  If the sex cant be determined, the fee will be refunded.  It is interesting to note that the sex will not be mentioned by the Sonographer, but will be part of the official Radiologists report to be sent to the patient's physician.  The sex of the baby will only be revealed after the patient completes her 20th week of pregnancy.  This is done primarily to thwart abortions by patients unhappy with the sex of the fetus.  In India and China, many female babies are aborted because of social stigma associated with having females.

"The College of Physicians and Surgeons is against fetal gender determination for non-medical purposes on the grounds that they may violate the principle of equity between males and females and may set a precedent for "eugenic decisions that are socially repugnant."
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