Thursday, June 10, 2010

On The Plane Again

I Am leaving for Kuwait on Saturday to deliver a two day lecture on critical care ultrasound.  My audience will be many of the talented ED physicians who run the country's trauma centers.  The trip will be long as I will make stops in Brussels, and Frankfurt.  Total length of the trip will be 7,763 miles one way.  The trip will take me 23 hours total with 4 hours layover in Frankfurt.  Honestly, I am dreading be seated for this long, and I will take steps to avoid DVT by wearing pressure stockings and getting up often to walk around the back of the plane.  I look forward to my first trip to Kuwait.  I will post some pictures on my AHEC's facebook page when I return.  If I have internet access there I will try to post.  ~Gizz
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