Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ultrasound and Evolution: a Personal retrospective ( Part 2)

I am sorry for being tardy in my next installment of this series.  Like many bad writers, we tend to think more than write.  I appreciate all who have commented on the blog.  I certainly like your comments.  Getting old is no fun, but I like to make it informative if nothing else.  To the left you see an invention that was something I looked at briefly when I was young.  I recall a machine invented in Australia.  I think the machine is called the Maytag Sonogram machine. 
News first:  FDA took back the warnings on the ultrasound contrast in the USA.  PLEASE contact the senator or congressman to urge the FDA to allow ultrasound contrast to be used in many other procedures.  Please link  

I linked a great author to this blog.  Pier Anthony Jacob (Pen name).  I hope he will tell me hello.  I arrived at the central airport in Denver in 1978, and fumbled around for my luggage, and retrieved them sans the Janet Nepalitono scrutiny.  Folk's, this is before the issues we face now.  Lets get back to the story.  My hospital bought a Unirad Machine.  Yep  (Johnson and Johnson).  Many of you know what we are talking about.  It was like Keith Emerson's Monster Moog.  OMG!  and here I am tryying to learn how to use it.
The speaker has no idea what an ultrasound is, yet his hair is perfect.  We all ask where a good lunch is.  He has no idea.
  I will never reveal the name of the speaker.  He might be a presidential adviser.  We all got on the Branniff airplanes and go home.  It happened folk's.  Stapleton International Airport, Hilton Hotel.  Let me know if you were there..  To Be continued.  Bless you all.

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