Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Great Freind Posted A Comment.

I have great relations with many people.  I like to post things that have made my heart skip a beat.

Thank You Jamie.  You are my Editor Now.

Be at peace all..

ja----_38+ is now offline.
Messages will be delivered when they sign on to Pal talk._38+: <<(03/03/12 6:55 PM EST)>> your blog is outstanding please have a safe trip
Gallgizzard: Jamie, I am in place at the hotel.  My 8 hour road trip gave me pause to  think about my younger years.  When i would get in a car, and gas it up and drive without a worry.  I looked everywhere on this trip for speed traps, and places to pull over if I had to pee.  There are no safe places left.  I was thankful God gave me a wide open drive this morning.  One nasty cop who had his Fish on the hook, and the usual people.  I thought it was great to be a Sunday Driver.  Thank You Dear for being a literary friend.  I will CC this to my Wife also.  I will post it to the Blog.

Note:  I have a new lap top.  I am still trying to figure out windows 7.  I am on assignment, and I ate some great tasty BBQ, but I am sick now.  I have been ill for hours..  Such is life..  I am glad to call Jamie a buddy.  I have a few buddies on the Internet.  I will take a few hours off to sleep.  Gizz
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