Thursday, November 22, 2012

4-D ultrasound? Took The Media Long Enough To Notice

Happy Thanksgiving all. I have been away for a few days because this is our traditional rush for CME time.  Being a teacher is certainly  fun.  I would like to thank all my students and support staff for a great year.  Here is a post I had to make because we sonographers see it all the time.  A baby yawning on 4-D. It's still cute.

LONDON (Reuters) - Growing into a fully formed human being is a long process, and scientists have found that unborn babies not only hiccup, swallow and stretch in the womb, they yawn too.
Researchers who studied 4D scans of 15 healthy fetuses also said they think yawning is a developmental process which could potentially give doctors a new way to check on a baby's health.
While some scientists have previously suggested that fetuses yawn, others disagree and say it is nothing more than a developing baby opening and stretching its mouth.

Thanks Yahoo Canada

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