Monday, December 10, 2012

Point Of Care Ultrasound and Radiologists

Radiologists are experts at interpreting ultrasound and have been on the cutting edge of everything dealing with medical imaging for many years.  Point of care ultrasound is a relatively new variety of ultrasound and is seen as a first response form of diagnostic imaging.  Interest is growing among first responders such as paramedics in point of care ultrasound now that the equipment is portable.  The company I work for has been teaching point of care ultrasound now for going on three years.

“Radiologists are not involved in ultrasound education and promoting its use in point of care or elsewhere, but it would be nice to have more involvement,” Michael Blaivas, MD, an emergency medicine physician and past chair of the American College of Emergency Physicians ultrasound section, said during a presentation at RSNA 2012 this week. “It’s better to be seen as proponents of an application, guide it, and help with it, especially an application that is seen as critical at the bedside.”
Radiologists are the ultrasound imaging experts, Blaivas said, and should be the first to share their expertise. The specialties shouldn’t be fighting each other, he said, but working to make sure the modality thrives for all clinicians. If radiologists were more involved in teaching, they could ensure quality in its use.
“There really is a need for ultrasound education, and this is somewhere we can meet,” he said.

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