Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ultrasound In The Home? (Editorial)

A nice article on Sonoworld suggests ultrasound will be a machine that we liken to a thermometer soon.  I doubt it.  I am an old world sonographer, and it takes many years to master the techniques of sonography.  It is interesting to note that many people are taking medical matters into their own hands.  Ultrasound is not something you buy at a Walmart and use on your husband, wife, or child without training.  Education on the part of the patient is a great thing.  Diabetics must educate themselves regarding the disease that affects them as an example.  Ultrasound machines are not simple devices.

It is an article with merit.  I agree that we should take certain medical matters in our own hands instead of clogging up the ED's with sniffles and common complaints that can be handled with common sense.  I am not sure that medical ultrasound machines should be sold to the common consumer with no education in medicine.  I see many lawsuits occurring with this mind set. Ultrasound machines are great, but it takes education to use them correctly.  My 2 cents.  Peace.  Here is the link.

Thanks Sonoworld and Brendon

Will ultrasound come to our homes?

by Brendon Nafziger , DOTmed News Associate Editor
In the next 20 years, will ordinary people own small, cheap ultrasound units in their home, which they'll use to give themselves check-ups for chronic diseases or to gather data and beam it to a doctor's office? It's possible, says a leading expert. 

Paul Carson, a professor of radiological sciences at the University of Michigan who delivered a lecture on Sunday at the AIUM annual conference in Midtown Manhattan, believes ultrasound has the chance to be the dominant imaging modality.

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