Friday, July 19, 2013

Off Topic, But Important

Here is something I need to post.  I put it on FB, but I must post it here.  Our family is proud that our son is going on an epic journey to another country.

Just a note to friends: My son is in the air at this moment traveling to Guatemala to do some hard work for our church. My wife and I are not on the plane. This is his first real journey to see what the world is like without McDonalds, and Taco Bell, and the air conditioning we Americans have come to accept as something we are used to. He did not take his X-BOX. Our family is all about health care. All three of us have been to Guatemala on mission trips. My trip was 7 years ago to deliver an ultrasound machine and provide education to the doctor and nurse who take care of thirteen tribes of Mayan Indians who live near lake Atitlan. My wife traveled there 3 years ago to administer vaccinations as a nurse. Today mark's a family tradition. My son, Trevor will put muscle and intelligence to work to assist people to get better living conditions. I am proud of my entire family. Pray for his success, and safe return.

Be safe all and drink water.  Hot summer.

Blessings.  TJW
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