Monday, August 12, 2013

Beat Back Pain With Ultrasound?

I have had back problems.  Most people I know have had an issue with a strained back, or more serious issues with the vertebral bones.  Most back issues resolve without surgical intervention.  The weeks it takes for the pain to go away are horrid.  I have a few messed up vertebrae, specifically herniated vertebral bodies that impinge upon the nerve roots that cause pain.  Mostly, this is treated by muscle relaxers and pain pills, and the statistics show that the body cures itself within a couple months.  I used a TENS unit once to help heal a broken humerus that used magnetic fields to help create bone growth.  It did not work IMHO.  Here is a snippet of a company who plans to use lower frequency ultrasound to help people with back pain.  I am not convinced.  But here it is.

TRUMBULL — Who needs ibuprofen when you can strap an ultrasound to your back?
Early-stage medical device startup ZetrOZ, LLC is working on just that, and recently received $2.6 million in funding to relocate to Trumbull from Ithaca, N.Y. Connecticut Innovations Inc. (CII) ponied up $1.3 million of that figure through its Eli Whitney Fund.

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