Saturday, January 3, 2015

Clot Buster Machine Is Coming!

I have blogged about the use of ultrasound and medications before.  I am happy to report some new tech is in the testing phase.  You saw it first here on SB.  We will use a combination of clot busting medications, and ultrasound to break up clots in the brain before a stroke can disable a person.  We all know that we hate to see a loved one go comatose.  Perhaps this will be a new tool to prevent the long term effects of stroke to manifest.  I am hopeful.

They say that with a stroke, “time lost is brain lost” – so when a stroke happens, each second counts to stave off further brain damage. Seattle-area startup Cerevast Therapeutics is developing a device that emits ultrasound waves meant to quickly dislodge stroke-causing blood clots in the brain.
And company just raised $10 million, according to a regulatory filing.
The company’s head-worn device, called the ClotBust ER, is made up of a number of ultrasound transducers that are placed in regions where the majority of vessel occlusions in the brain are known to occur, Cerevast says.

Credit:  Med city news

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