Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Ultrasound

OK, It is a nice time of the year in south Texas.  The weather is crisp and the leaves are turning.  We had the chance to attend an outdoor concert last night (REO Speedwagon).  An older band from the 70's.  Tonight my wife insists we see ZZ Top.  Same outdoor theater.  Great.  I am taking my vitamins.  She got some great seats off an internet budget re-seller.  We had a blast last night.  Tonight will be great since I have not seen the beard brothers since I was 17 years old.  Here is my Saturday post.  Click the link to continue.  Happy Halloween.  BTW the picture on the left is an unhappy testicle ultrasound image.  Can you see the grimace?  Be safe on Halloween.  Thanks to the SUN for the post.

A FATHER-to-be has told how the ghost of his dead mother appeared to him – in his unborn daughter’s ultrasound scan.

Shocked Marcelo de Souza said the old face mysteriously appeared in the left corner of the scan, which was taken just four months after his mother suddenly died.
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