Monday, October 22, 2012

Ultrasound Screening

There are companies who go to churches and offer "ultrasound screenings" for various diseases for bargain prices.  Many of them will target a church or  school and perform various tests such as ABI, and carotid screenings.  I have seen a few advertise in my area.  I would never get involved with this because the risk is great that something may be missed by the testers.  The point is they run people through these tests
very rapidly because these companies rely on high volumes to generate a profit.  Here is a great article I found on 

You may have seen the advertisements in your local paper, or even on your local hospital's website. Ads that boast "Important screening tests that COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE. All for $129! NO DOCTOR'S ORDER NECESSARY!"
I love America and the free market. I love companies that make a buck with hard work and ingenuity. I love the idea that people are free to spend their money on whatever they want. I'm even open to the idea of DIY medicine. But I don't love when innocent people get fleeced in the name of bad medicine that pretends to be good.
Worse yet, when it happens at church. Commercial screening companies fiendishly target churches to find parishioners looking for healthy bargains. If your local church is endorsing a "health screening fair," it must be good, right? 

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