Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Research: National Institute of Health....WIN!!!!!

I am in Maryland now.  I am lecturing at a facility here, and my jaw has dropped.  Pictured here is one research building I will not name.  This image is public domain I hope, I grabbed it off Google.  This building, has an artistic style that makes me proud.  Frank L. Wright would like it. My post is one of honor and altruism.  The research is all in the name of American health and security.  I am loathe to say much because what they do is for the good of Americans.  Be assured, the NIH is doing a great job.  The people I am interacting with are so caring and kind.  I am pretty much speechless.  America has some great programs going in regards to health care.  I will be home next week.  Blessings to America.  Thank You NIH employees for making my job a very good experience.  Thanks  TJW
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