Monday, June 24, 2013

Ultrasound machines are available used nowadays.  Many practices are paranoid of what the OBAMA care act will bring to the table.  The used market is a great place to purchase a machine, if one is savvy and smart.  Echo machines are in high demand as cardiologists resort to less over head when it comes to diagnostic cardiac imaging.  Buyer beware.  Always check out a re-sellers credentials and look into the insurance that these companies provide for defective equipment.  The following article deals with veterinary medical machines, but can and does apply to main-stream machines.

Patrick A. Jackson, an Internet-based ultrasound salesman who defrauded medical providers including veterinarians around the United States and beyond, was sentenced in Maryland’s Howard County Circuit Court Tuesday to 12 years in prison. However, all 12 years of the sentence were suspended, enabling Jackson to avoid incarceration.

Jackson’s lawyer, Richard G. Berger, said his client was able to stay out of prison by paying full restitution to his victims. “He was able to come up, thank God, with the money. Obviously, he would have been facing prison time if he had not,” Berger told the VIN News Service by telephone.

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