Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cross Posted From EchoWorld: Ultrasound Will Be A Great Job In The Near Future

I have an article here which is optimistic.  In this time of misery in terms of employment I hope the predictions are correct.  BTW, I am a teacher of sonography, and I am looking for a FT job.  If any of you readers would like to hire me, please contact me at   Thank you. Happy holidays and be safe driving.

According to a five-year jobs projection report from CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists, 26 of the 50 jobs projected to grow the fastest from 2013 to 2017 are in the healthcare industry.
The jobs range from high-skill jobs like occupational therapy to lower-skill personal care roles.
The following are the 26 medical, allied health or health-related jobs projected to grow the most in the next five years, listed by percentage growth:
1. Biomedical engineers: 23 percent change
2. Personal care aides: 21 percent
3. Home health aides: 21 percent
4. Physical therapist assistants: 16 percent
5. Occupational therapy assistants: 15 percent
6. Diagnostic medical sonographers: 15 percent
7. Medical scientists (except epidemiologists): 15 percent
8. Physical therapist aides: 15 percent
9. Medical secretaries: 14 percent
10. Nurse midwives: 13 percent
11. Nurse anesthetists: 13 percent
12. Audiologists: 13 percent
13. Physical therapists: 13 percent
14. Marriage and family therapists: 13 percent
15. Emergency medical technicians and paramedics: 13 percent
16. Dental hygienists: 12 percent
17. Nurse practitioners: 12 percent
18. Health educators: 12 percent
19. Mental health counselors: 12 percent
20. Healthcare social workers: 12 percent
21. Occupational therapists: 12 percent
22. Ambulance drivers and attendants: 12 percent
23. Occupational therapy aides: 12 percent
24. Medical equipment repairers: 11 percent
25. Cardiovascular technologists and technicians: 11 percent
26. MRI technologists: 11 percent

Here is the link.  Thanks Sonoworld

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