Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ketamine, The Impact On Health

I picked up this lengthy article out of curiosity.  I subscribe to many blogs, and I am always the cat looking for the bug in a dark corner.  The reason I repost this article is because nobody I know has published any data on the long term effects of the drug known as ketamine.  I know it increases heart rate, and BP, but who knows what the lasting effects are?  I have never taken this drug, but I have seen it used in the early 1970's on old patients in surgery.  I was appalled.  These patients were not "OUT" they were mumbling and groaning.  I thought it was barbaric.  How does this drug which many asians take daily affect them?  What diseases and conditions are we missing?  Drug use in China is on the up-surge.  This indeed an interesting topic.  I am sure many of you will comment.  Great.

The first thing you notice are the straws: long, bright, pink-and-purple-striped, with bent necks reminiscent of childhood parties. They’re all over the place, on benches, tables and trays, being passed around like lemonade. Otherwise, the room is exactly as you’d expect a private karaoke room would look like in Guilin, known as south China’s most beautiful city, if you were to wander in at two in the morning.
A rumpled Taiwanese businessman makes eye contact. As his friends gear up for the next big song, he enthusiastically bids me enter. There’s a lot of collar loosening and hugging, flabby, middle-aged male bellies and toasting. A couple of women have lost their tops. Everyone takes a big hit of the enormous lines on the tray, and then they ignore me.
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