Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Healing Bones With Ultrasound

Here is a great article, and something I have prayed for a long time.  Healing broken bones.  Let me be specific:  speeding the healing of broken bones.  In 2004 I tried something stupid.  I tried to learn along with my family the precarious art of roller blading.
I failed.  I fell and broke the surgical neck of my left humerus, and required 3 surgeries, including bone grafts from my pelvis.  Needless to say the recovery was full of the usual drooling in an arm chair watching day time TV which is why our cats and dogs go crazy when you are at work.  No wonder they like the fuzz toys we bring them home from the store to cut down on the Prozac we medicate them with.  My wife and son were great in coddling Daddy while he healed.  I had a non-union fracture though,and required surgery to harvest bone from my ischium (Part of the pelvis bone rich in hemopoetic tissues).  This required further convalescence, as you may guess, and the physician finally ordered a "TENS unit".  This awkward magnet was strapped on my shoulder for weeks and was advertised to deliver magnetic waves to heal the bone.  Though I have no scientific evidence  it did not work, it was a hassle.  Bulky and uncomfortable, I am convinced my surgeon did better work than this device.  Perhaps the article I will post a header to will show us what ultrasound will do in the next few years.  I do not condone this device, nor am I being paid to promote it because I have not used it. It looks promising.


MISSISSAUGA, Ontario--()--Bioventus, a global leader in active orthopaedic healing, today announced that the next generation of its market-leading1 EXOGEN® Ultrasound Bone Healing System – including new compliance features and a healing progression Performance Guarantee – is now available in Canada.
“The release of the new EXOGEN device is exciting news for those of us who treat fractures on a regular basis. This technology has become a very useful tool for fracture treatment. The new Performance Guarantee is unprecedented and provides reassurance that Bioventus stands behind its product”
EXOGEN® – the clinically proven treatment for indicated* bone fractures – is a medical device that helps fractured bones heal.
  • EXOGEN uses safe, effective low-intensity pulsed ultrasound to help stimulate the body’s natural healing process2
  • It has an 86% heal rate for fractures not healing on their own3
  • EXOGEN offers 38% faster healing of fresh fractures4
Thanks Sonoworld and Exogen

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