Saturday, April 26, 2014

Point Of Care Ultrasound Revisited

We have discussed this topic before.  I have found an article which is well written and explains the logic regarding ultrasound testing to be performed in a physicians office, or clinic at the time a patient presents with symptoms in which diagnostic ultrasound will benefit.  The time when a doctor refers a patient to a large hospital for testing is seeing dusk.  There are many great points in the article regarding the value of  diagnostic ultrasound on site.  I will let the author discuss them.  I must mention the quality of these sonograms are very much influenced upon training and experience on the part of the sonographer and interpreting physician.

In today's medical practice environment where quality, patient care, cost and profitability are critical factors for success, physicians and practice managers are looking for different ways to deliver new and existing services to enhance practice performance and offer more value to patients. While there is no one silver bullet to improve performance, medical practices are investigating the service and economic benefits of onsite imaging.  Many have chosen to adopt onsite ultrasound imaging for the advantages offered to their practices and patients.

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