Saturday, February 27, 2016

Health care as we know it has a dirty, dark side.  We all know it.  It is evident from the way we treat our indigents patients and can be traced to the white house.  I will post something I found on the net.  Something I found disgusting. I hope this issue is resolved soon.  Health care is something that comes from the heart of people who care for others that are sick.  It should never involve predators looking for a fix for a nasty fascination. 

"An ultrasound technician has been accused of going well beyond the scope of his clinical duties by fondling a patient’s breasts after she underwent an examination of her liver at Touro Infirmary last month.
Police arrested 43-year-old Gretna man Emmet Collins on a single count of sexual battery in connection with the incident. Collins’s attorney said he believes his client will be exonerated.
The woman told police that she had just finished having an ultrasound on her liver about 5 p.m. on Jan. 19 when the technician assisted her into her bed, made her lay back, removed the blanket from her chest and began fondling her breasts. The woman told police, according to the warrant, that “as the technician was doing this, he smiled, which made it seem awkward.”

Thanks Matt Sledge

Note:  there is no mention of the ultrasound technician being registered.

Be well, TJW
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