Saturday, February 20, 2016

Just Ducky

I took this photo last year.  It is grand, and you may want to click on it.  It is a JPEG, and the Blogger had issues with uploading it it because it was so large.  You can see ducks flying out of the way of a thunderstorm.  I tend to be a photographer in the moments when I am not tending to patients, and driving.  So many things are happening in U/S.  I do not think robotics will take over the ultrasound world.  There are too many variables in diagnostic ultrasound.  Just some thoughts on a Saturday afternoon.  Let's talk about the issues of robotics?  Shall we embrace this technology?  I think not.  It will always be up to a human to perform a sonogram, and interpret it it for the radiologist, or cardiologist. These doctors just put a rubber stamp on what we think.  My thoughts, TJW
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