Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Politics and Medical Ultrasound

As with everything in life, there are politics.  In Texas where i reside, there is an ongoing debate regarding right to life versus abortion.  Make no mistake, I am pro life.  There are laws in a few states that mandate that a pregnant woman must have an ultrasound, and be shown the living fetus on the video screen in real time, before she can have an abortion.  This topic is as vitriolic as the liberal democrats opposition to the Trump presidency.

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Blessings to Kevin http://arbroath.blogspot.com/  and Gerard  http://presurfer.blogspot.com/

Kevin passed 2 weeks ago and Gerard is awaiting test results for a medical issue.

Here is a link that discusses in detail some of the issues faced by the public, and health care professionals that deal with medical ultrasound and pregnancy.

One of the first measures that Republicans in the 115th Congress proposed was the “Heartbeat Protection Act.” On January 11, a group led by Steve King of Iowa introduced a bill that would require doctors nationwide to “check for a fetal heartbeat” before performing an abortion, and prohibit them from completing the procedure if they found one. In December, Republicans in the Ohio state legislature put forth a similar measure. Governor John Kasich vetoed it, observing that such a law would almost certainly be struck down as unconstitutional, but approved a 20-week abortion ban.

here is the link

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