Friday, March 3, 2017

Another great Blogger has died  
Another internet great has passed.  He will be missed.  I appreciate his support, he was one of the first to link the Sonographers Blog to his website which he started back in 2000.  His name was Gerard Vlemming, and lived in the Netherlands.  He suffered a brief illness, I hope, and passed last week.  this information has been passed from another great blogger, MissCellina, who has had a loss recently also.  Three weeks ago we lost Kevin from the wonderful blog " nothing to do about Arbroth"   We all mourn their passing, and hope others will try to carry the flag of interesting, relevant, and fantastic blogging.  I am a conservative blogger, and will carry on with some of the posts i see in many of my buddy blogs who tend to  hate conservatives.  You know who you are.  But for now let us mourn the great minds who are now in the arms of the Lord.  TJW
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