Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Greetings gentle readers,
Tis' the day after Christmas, and all through my house, all the cats were purring, I could hear nobody grouse. I drove home yesterday from the in-laws alone because today I must get back to work. I am going to see some patients, though I doubt it will be busy because most people will be out exchanging gifts, or tryying to put together the new what-cha-call-it for the kids. I will pick up my family on saturday.
My kid got an amazing assortment of things from St. Nic, but the toy I was enthralled with was the motorized radio controlled car with a working video camera on it. He used it yesterday to check out all kinds of things on the sly to include the bathroom, the christmas tree late at night in hopes of catching Santa's visit, and of course he had to check up on everybody else. The good thing is, the car cannot open doors. Think PRIVACY folks.
In other news, I am still tweeking this forum (I changed the style) and I will be adding some "Elements" to include a feed-back page and other things.
As I prepare to see patients near NASA (an hours drive from me), I leave you with a link I hope you will visit,0,4740879.story (Courtesy Chicago Tribune)
This link will take you to a very sweet story about an old man and his devotion to caring for animals which I thought you may like.
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