Sunday, December 30, 2007

Prison, not a healthy place to be

Greetings gentle readers.
First off some business. My previous BLOG was on YAHOO. I cannot post there anymore for some reason. Go to YAHOO and search the YAHOO tool button search engine for me, gallgizzard.
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And finally, the pic on the left was taken by me during the evacuation of Houston, TX during Rita. My family and myself stuck in traffic with thousands of people on highway 59-N. We made it as far as Bush Airport (22 miles from my home). It took us 18 hours to make it this far.
We turned around at this point because we were low on gasoline (Petrol), and our pet's were in danger of dying. It was a hot day as you see.
One other note: I am having format issues. My line breaks are not showing up well on the blog. I know how to write, but this blog engine is not treating me nice. I apologize for the un-organized posts. I will send a note to, but they are all off flying ultralights and drinking silly stuff at the moment.
Here is my post:
" COALINGA, Calif. — When any of the 5,300 inmates at Pleasant Valley State Prison begin coughing and running a fever, doctors do not think flu, bronchitis or even the common cold.
They think valley fever; and, more often than they would like, they are right.
In the past three years, more than 900 inmates at the prison have contracted the fever, a fungal infection that has been both widespread and lethal.
At least a dozen inmates here in Central California have died from the disease, which is on the rise in other Western states, including Arizona, where the health department declared an epidemic after more than 5,500 cases were reported in 2006, including 33 deaths. "
Gosh, this editor is nasty, I cannot get a paragraph break in here. I am so sorry! Help me Google!
This writer wants to state that people should be wary of closed places. This includes nursing homes, sports centers, malls.. anywhere people are crowded around. This new disease (maybe not new, perhaps ancient) is a fungus. I would be willing to entertain other comments on this. Perhaps there are other sonographers who have some findings to share. Echo, abdominal ultrasound findings. Let's see how this disease presents on ultrasound.
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