Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First in Texas

I am pleased to announce I am the first Sonographer in the state of Texas to use the GE portable ultrasound machine. As you see, it is slightly larger than an I phone, and a wee bit heavier. My GE medical rep, Mr S. Potter brought the instrument over to my office for a test drive yesterday. First Impression: Nice images. Very clear echocardiogram. Nice frame rate, and color flow Doppler that was pretty darn good. No pulse or CW Doppler. Only one sector probe. Three presets: OB, ABD, and Echo. One issue: it got very warm after 10 minutes of scanning, and automatically put itself in an energy saving mode (Wonder if that is connected to the heating???) The energy saving mode reduced the frame rate to 3 hertz. All in all, a great product for a quick look see. More later. Peace....
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