Monday, March 22, 2010

Therapeutic Ultrasound at home?

Therapeutic Ultrasound has long been a means of treating muscular and bone pain.   Often times, patients would be scheduled to come in for multiple sessions before pain management becomes effective.  This can significantly impact a patients life in that many hours are spent in the hospital, or Doctors office waiting for treatment.  A new device is being tested that could allow patients to take the ultrasound device home with them and administer there own treatments saving both time and money. 
March 19, 2010

View a webcast with George K. Lewis, a biomedical engineering graduate student at Cornell University.
Imagine that after long day tending to patients, a middle-aged nurse feels a burning pain in her knees so intense she can barely walk. For millions of people who suffer from arthritis or other chronic joint pain, this is a familiar story. Right now there are few day-to-day therapies available for these patients, and many involve strong medications that can be harmful over time.  Read more...
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