Sunday, March 24, 2013

Healthcare Revolt

An interesting article has been posted by a friend of mine in the middle east.  I am currently asking him to become a contributor for Sonographers Blog.  This stuff is great.  Let's get down to it.  Obama care is here.  I am suffering from it.  Many of my friends are suffering from it.  I am not sure what the mindset of America was in the elections, but he got his way.  I have never seen a doctor issue a prescription for an X-Ray screening at an airport.  Last I heard, X-Rays are prescription.  Did Janet really think this was going to work?  Think the ACR would sink to her edicts?  Yes they did.  They said OK for the x-ray machines.  Last I heard the X-Ray machines are history in airports.  Now they use the sub-millimeter micro wave machines.  What ever. Soon, we will all be under scrutiny.  Thanks to my friend I will post something that is earth-shaking in terms of medical care.  Be well, and pray. Gizz

Dr. Ryan Neuhofel, 31, offers a rare glimpse at what it would be like to go to the doctor without massive government interference in health care. Dr. Neuhofel, based in the college town of Lawrence, Kansas, charges for his services according to an online price list that's as straightforward as a restaurant menu. A drained abscess runs $30, a pap smear, $40, a 30-minute house call, $100. Strep cultures, glucose tolerance tests, and pregnancy tests are on the house. Neuhofel doesn't accept insurance. He even barters on occasion with cash-strapped locals. One patient pays with fresh eggs and another with homemade cheese and goat's milk. 

BTW  I attended College  in Lawrence. KS  I was on a scholarship for music.  I can still play music. without an I-phone.  Go Jay-hawks
Here is the link.  Bless you Gershom

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