Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Times Are Changing (Editorial)

I was talking in mail with a buddy in Israel about tech stuff, and listening to the banter on the web.  I realized we are facing a shortage of trained sonographers.  We are a profession.  Granted, nurses, and doctors face the same.  Our technology has outpaced our workforce.  Many people are losing jobs, or benefits because of the turmoil in the world.  Notice to the left of my comments the transducer held in the picture?  A curve-linear.  Do you do a carotid or thyroid study with a belly probe?  We need well trained sonographers to take care of the sick in our communities.  I challenge teachers to get rough with the legislature to fund health care, and fight for the rights of the sick.  I am an seasoned sonographer, but I knew I made the correct decision when I decided to forgo X-Rays for sonography.  Ultrasound is economical, safe, and cost effective.  Let's get out and train new sonographers to deal with issues that are basics. Medical health care is a basic right everywhere.  We have the technologies.  We need to train people to use it. Thanks for reading.  I try to stay off of the soap box. Bless All.
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