Friday, February 15, 2013

Government Mandated Endovaginal Ultrasound?

Wisconsin law makers are debating a bill which would force pregnant women considering an elective first trimester abortion to undergo an endovaginal ultrasound.  Similar laws are in place in other states. Though I am anti-abortion, I feel this is going a bit far.  This is not the first time the government has forced "medical imaging" on the public without consulting a physician.  Consider the TSA screening procedures in place at airports.  Many TSA screening stations include x-ray machines that scan a passengers whole body with ionizing radiation.  Last I checked, x-rays are prescription medical procedures authorized and ordered by licensed physicians.  I do not see a doctor handing out prescriptions in the TSA screening line.  This is a highly charged discussion.  I will provide the link, and you can make up your own mind.

At the Wisconsin Right to Life Legislative Conference this week, the state’s top Republican lawmakers assured attendeesthat they will do everything in their power to enact a forced ultrasound bill, which would mandate an invasive transvaginal probe for some women seeking first-trimester abortions. “This bill is a priority,” Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R) said. “It is long overdue.”
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