Sunday, February 3, 2013

This Is Research

I salute Dr. Peter Burns for his research into the wonderful world of contrast ultrasound.  It seems he has received another reward for his endeavors.  I would very much like him to come down to Houston and lecture at my school.  Ultrasound tissue elastography is the new kid on the block.  I have been speaking on this subject for a couple of years in terms of research.  Though I do not embrace particular companies for the technologies, I do shake hands with the pioneers of medical ultrasound.  Doctor Burns, Please come to Houston and allow me to congratulate you and hand you a cup of coffee before you begin a wonderful lecture at my school?

Thanks Heraldonline and ICUS

 — SuperSonic Imagine, the ultrasound company that pioneered breakthrough ShearWave™ Elastography technology (SWE™), and UltraFast™ Doppler, today announced that Dr. Peter N. Burns, Ph.D. has received the company’s 2012 Aixplorer Achievement Award. Dr. Burns follows past recipients, Dr. Nancy Cappello, Are You Dense founder and Sherry Lansing, cancer research philanthropist and former Paramount Pictures CEO who received the first award in 2010. The SuperSonic Imagine Aixplorer Achievement Award was created to recognize, honor and celebrate the outstanding contribution of time, leadership or financial support made by individuals, companies or associations, to advance cancer research and awareness.

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