Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Micro bubbles To The Rescue For Myocardial Infarcts

Interesting article published recently suggests ultrasound contrast agents may improve re-vascularization of stunned, or injured myocardium after an ischemic episode, such as a heart attack.  This study was performed on mice, but show promise.  It seems that agitating the bubbles with ultrasonic energy encourages the re-growth of blood vessels in the injured tissues of the heart.  This is promising.

Feb. 21, 2013 — Scientists from the Bonn University Hospital successfully tested a method in mice allowing the morphological and functional sequelae of a myocardial infarction to be reduced. Tiny gas bubbles are made to oscillate within the heart via focused ultrasound -- this improves microcirculation and decreases the size of the scar tissue. The results show that the mice, following myocardial infarction, have improved cardiac output as a result of this method, as compared to untreated animals.

Thanks Science Daily

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