Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wireless Ultrasound Transducers Are Here

I have been talking about this breakthrough technology for years in my classroom, now it is here: wireless ultrasound transducers!  I predicted this would happen 8 years ago, and now the hurdles of energy usage and battery power have been tamed.  Perhaps I am too optimistic in that battery life will be an issue in these first generation probes.  Ultrasound transducers use very high voltages.  The other technological hurdle was obviously wireless encryption for HIPPA.  I look forward to trying out these probes as soon as my vendors get a chance to drop by with them.  Isn't life great?

"CHICAGO-- At the 98th

 Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North 
America (RSNA), November 25-30 in Chicago, Siemens Healthcare introduced the ACUSON 
Freestyle™ ultrasound system that features wireless transducers, eliminating the impediment of 
cables in ultrasound imaging. To enable this pioneering technology, the system brings to the market a 
large number of innovations, including acoustics, system architecture, radio design, miniaturization, 
and image processing. The ACUSON Freestyle system will expand ultrasound’s use in interventional 
and therapeutic applications, where the technology provides numerous workflow and image quality 
advantages. The development of wireless ultrasound is in line with the objectives of the Healthcare 
Sector’s global initiative Agenda 2013 – specifically in the areas of innovation and accessibility."

Courtesy Siemans and Sonoworld

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